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Hotel Neorion is at the very center of Istanbul's ancient history and modern culture.

Named for Byzantium's grand port (see the map) on the Golden Horn, it welcomes visitors from around the world just as the port did in the great days of Constantinople.

Neorion is more than just a comfortable travelers' refuge in the heart of the city. It was conceived and designed to honor and reflect all of the cultures who have enriched the city. To stay here is to learn and enjoy the cultures, cuisines, arts and traditions of all the travelers who have come before you.

The hotel's 53 guest rooms and suites bring the past to life, all with modern comforts. The swimming pool, Turkish bath, massage spa, cultural library, and museum-quality decorative arts are supplemented with complimentary fine arts musical performances, cuisine demonstrations and cultural events exclusively for hotel guests.

Stay with us! Experience all of Istanbul, ancient and modern, right where you live, and just outside our door.